Union launches protests against Wizz Air at multiple Norwegian airports

Thea Christina Sell - WizzairPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

Under the auspices of the employee organization Parat, employees of Norwegian airlines marked their opposition to the low-cost airline Wizz Air on Thursday. 

The protests are a union reaction to the working conditions of the employees of the Hungarian airline. 

In October, Executive Vice President József Váradi told E24 that the company would not enter into collective agreements with trade unions.

The protests are carried out at airports in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, and Bodø. 

Leader of the Pilot Association in Norwegian Oddbjørn Holsether thinks many people only see low prices and forget what that costs employees in the form of poor working conditions.

New protests planned

“An orderly and organized working life with good conditions is the basis of our welfare state. 

“If working conditions deteriorate and the human right to organize disappears, the welfare state will also disappear,” Holsether told newsbureau NTB.

He added that the union is planning further protests.

“We will probably have to step in several times to get the attention of politicians,” he said.

“Wizz Air values its employees”

In an email to NTB on Wednesday, the company’s communications manager Andras Rado described Wizz Air as an open and inclusive company.

“We respect the views of individuals as well as the principles of other companies and organizations… 

“Wizz Air’s most valuable asset is its employees. They are treated and valued accordingly in all the airline’s markets, in accordance with the respective local regulations,” he wrote.

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