Wizz Air is launching new low-cost air routes across Norway tomorrow. Here are the details

Wizz Air airplane at airportPhoto: Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Wizz Air’s new low-cost air routes across Norway kick off on Thursday, November 5.

Hungarian airline Wizz Air is introducing a number of new routes in Norway.

In doing so, it will join Norwegian in offering travelers low-cost connections across the country.

Which cities do the new low-cost air routes connect?

Wizz Air has already had a presence in Norway for 15 years, but up until now, they only flew international routes.

The cities that Wizz Air now plans to fly between include:

  • Ålesund and Oslo (daily flights);
  • Bergen and Oslo (daily flights);
  • Bodø and Oslo (daily flights);
  • Oslo and Trondheim (daily flights);
  • Oslo and Tromsø (daily flights).
  • Trondheim and Bodø (daily flights);
  • Trondheim and Stavanger (multiple flights a week);
  • Tromsø and Trondheim (multiple flights a week);
  • and Tromsø and Bodø (daily flights).

Pros and cons

Wizz Air’s introduction of new routes in Norway brings both pros and cons. Which side takes precedence depends on who you ask.

After CEO József Váradi stated that Wizz Air was a “trade union-free” company, strong responses followed.

Multiple unions called for a boycott of Wizz Air, which Prime Minister Erna Solberg supported.

Solberg stated, “I will not fly with a company that refuses workers the right to organize”. Several other politicians denounced his statements, as well.

Norway’s pilots’ union has even threatened legal action.

See why unions are important in Norway here, with our guide to worker rights and unions in the country.

On Wizz Air employees unionizing, Váradi has further clarified, “It’s not my decision. It is a decision that must be made by the people in the company and not by people outside.”


As for benefits for Norway, Wizz Air has highlighted that it will provide growth, further travel accessibility, and an increase in jobs as a result of the new routes.

The company is the second-largest low-cost airline in Europe, and it’s possible that it could indeed back up its claims.

The Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries has defended Wizz Air.

The federation’s CEO Torbjørn Lothe has stated, “The authorities wanted free competition, and it is a bit late now to say that we do not want companies from countries with working conditions different than ours.”

What do you think about Wizz Air’s new low-cost air routes? Do the pros outweight the cons or vice versa? Write to us in the comments!

Sources: NTB / Norway Today

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  1. I think wizz air isn’t the best company, but it’s good that Norwegian has competition finally. Plane ticket prices are just ridiculous with Norwegian. I can travel to other countries for many times less of a cost(not only wizz air) than it takes to fly inside Norway, where in most cases it’s quite necessary to take a flight if you want to go visit let’s say north from south..

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