University Centre in Russia to be closed?

UIO University CentreBlindern campus of the University of Oslo (UiO).Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian University Centre in Russia can be closed down

The situation is so uncertain for the Norwegian University Centre in St. Petersburg that the board of the centre proposes to close it down.


Chairman of the Board at the University of Oslo (UiO), Arne Bugge Amundsen, tells this to Uniforum.

It has been a turbulent time for the Norwegian centre. In December, Russian authorities carried out a razzia at the centre and seized computer equipment.

Students expelled

Later that same month, nine Norwegian and nine Swedish students were told to leave Russia within three days, otherwise they would be deported. Russian immigration police met up at the centre and informed the students that they were in the country on the the wrong basis for visas.

The prosecutor in St. Petersburg has also announced that there can be a court case against the centre, but this has not been clarified.

The University Centre in St. Petersburg is administered by the University of Oslo. The University of Bergen, University of Tromsø and NTNU in Trondheim are also co-owners.


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