Bathing in Mjøsa discouraged due to algae

algae bathing LusterfjordAnders Ødegaard from Oslo cools down with a refreshing bath after paddling in the Lusterfjord. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix.

Bathing in Mjøsa discouraged due to blooming of algae

The inhabitants of, and visitors to, the Mjøs area are warned against bathing in the lake after blooming of blue-green algae. The algae can cause discomfort and allergic reactions.


Hamar Municipality has issued an SMS to both two- and four-legged residents warning against Mjøs-bathing, writes Hamar Arbeiderblad.

“The blue-green algae can potentially produce toxins. It is not recommended to bathe where Mjøsa is green, for the time being, neither for humans nor animals,” the text message reads.

The Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA) warns against bathing where the algae bloom before it is established whether the algae are toxic.

The algae can be quite toxic, depending on nutritional conditions and genetics, according to Senior Researcher at NIVA, Anne Lyche Solheim. Solheim tells Oppland Arbeiderblad that the algae can cause discomfort and allergic reactions during bathing.

Heatwave over most parts of Norway

Almost all of Norway has experienced tropical heat today. In Bergen, a heat record was set – more than one degree warmer than the previous one.

“It has been nice and hot over large parts of Norway today. It’s really just way up north that it’s been a little cooler,” State Meteorologist, Marianne Skolem Andersen, informs when NTB asks her to sum up the day.

The temperature record in Bergen was thoroughly beaten on Friday afternoon. The current heat record in the city between the seven mountains is at 33.4 degrees. The old record was set on July 27 last year. That was at a ‘mere’ 32.2 degrees.


Lasts a few more day

Etne in Hordaland, however, boasts the highest temperature, with 34.2 degrees. It was a tropical day on Friday in In 15 of the 18 Norwegian counties, ie 30 degrees or higher.

The counties that have not had a tropical day, are the two northernmost and West Agder. Andersen informs that temperatures will stay high over the next few days across much of Norway.

“It will be nice and warm in most places, except for Troms and Finnmark, on Saturday. It seems that it is Trøndelag who gets the very best weather, ” she continues.

Returns to more normal

There will also be hot weather on Sunday and Monday, but there will be a higher risk of rain showers in several places.

“Later in the week, starting on Tuesday, the weather will be more similar to a typical Norwegian summer,” Andersen concludes.

It will quite possibly be set a heat record in Trøndelag this weekend. if that is the case, the record of 36 degrees will be broken.

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