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Warns against fireworks in windy areas

FireworksFireworks are best used under calm weather conditions. Photo:

Meteorologists warn against fireworks in windy areas

Strong gusts are the forecast for New Year’s Eve in several places in southern Norway. Wind and fireworks are a bad combination, the meteorologists warn.


Where the wind takes hold, the fireworks can move in any direction. In some places, it will be calm, while elsewhere it will be very windy, so people must pay heed to the wind before sending up fireworks.

“Both Sørlandet and Østlandet must prepare for strong gusts from the west. That will be challenging for fireworks displays ”, Meteorologist on duty in the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Martin Granerød, tells NTB.

“Wind and fireworks are a bad combination,” Granerød adds.

New Year’s celebration in 2017 led to 63 registered accidents according to figures from the Directorate for Security and Emergency Planning (DSB). A total of 36 persons were injured in these. 14 of those injured during last year’s New Year celebration suffered injuries to fingers or hands, while 9 persons were injured in the head or face.

Precipitation in Western Norway

The wind conditions in Western Norway will not pose a great risk for use of fireworks. Heavy gusts are forecast for Rogaland and Hordaland as well, mainly in the mountains. From Rogaland to Nordland there will also be periods of gales.

But when the rockets go up in the region, 50 to 70 millimetres of rainfall will be bestowed on New Year’s celebrating West Norwegians.

“People have to prepare to be drenched. That’s quite a large amount of rain,” Granerød warns.

Dry in Northern Norway

In Southern and Eastern Norway, the wind comes mainly in companies with dry and relatively little cool weather on the last day of the year. In Kristiansand, it is expected to be 8 degrees centigrade. Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger will also have temperatures of around 8 degrees oC.

Northern Norway seems to emerge with the best weather for New Year’s Ever, with relatively little precipitation and wind.

“Finnmark can get some snow, but otherwise there will not be much precipitation,” the meteorologist concludes.


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