Will not accept Listhaug to be pushed around

Limi ListhaugHans Andreas Limi, Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet), Akershus

Parliamentary leader of the Progress Party will not accept Listhaug to be moved to another department

Parliamentary leader in the Progress Party, Hans Andreas Limi, thinks that is not acceptable for Minister of Justice, Sylvi Listhaug, to take over a different ministry.


– No, I don’t think that is acceptable. It is neither the Labour Party nor Støre who decides the composition of the Government. Listhaug does an excellent job and has not done anything wrong with regardis to the Parliament. She has apologized and that ought to have been accepted, he says to VG.

– Labour is well aware of what they have initiaded. A play that in its extreme can lead to a Governmental crisis, says Limi.

Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre rejects Limis’s description of the situation.

The Labour Party has no confidence in the Minister of Justice after Listhaug’s blatant lies and gross accusations and her behaviour in the Parliament, where an unreserved apology finally came after strong reactions from the entire opposition, the Labour leader writes in a SMS to the newspaper.


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