Bus for train at Easter

Closed.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

During Easter, the tunnel through Lieråsen will be closed again for maintenance. Both between Drammen and Asker and at Østfoldbanen,there will be buses instead of trains during the holiday season.


The Lierå tunnel between Drammen and Asker will be closed throughout the Easter week, from March the 24th, the Saturday before Palm Sunday until the first day of Easter, which will fall on April the 1st, NSB stated. Østfoldbanen is closed from Oslo S to Kråkstad,and to Ås during the holidays, beginning on the 29th of March (Skorsorsdag) until the 1st of April.

“Whether you’re going to work, taking the train to the mountains, or heading for the airport, it’s important to calculate extra time, and study the travel options,” said communications adviser, Gina Scholz of NSB on the company’s website.

“When the trains can’t travel between Drammen and Asker,it affects all local trains, intercity trains, and regional trains that usually run between these stations.

She recalled that the regional trains to the southeast and Göteborg are also affected by the work at Østfoldbanen. In addition, the company pointed out that the replacement buses could have a different departure time than the usual departure times for trains.

There will be work on both Østfoldbanen, and the Lieråsen tunnel during the summer.


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