Yellow danger warning: Strong gusts of wind expected in Northern Norway

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Strong winds and storms are typical for the Christmas period in Norway. On Sunday, several danger warnings were issued, and on Monday, gusts of 30 meters per second are expected in Northern Norway.

“There are quite strong winds in large parts of the country,” on-duty meteorologist Per Egil Haga at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB on Sunday.

In the south, the low pressure contributed to strong gales along the Skagerrak coast, and there were strong gusts inland. 

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute issued a yellow danger warning for gusts in Southern Norway and parts of Eastern Norway for Sunday. 

A total of 67 danger warnings were issued on Sunday.

“It tends to be a bit stormy around Christmas and New Year, and this is the Christmas storm of the year,” Haga added.

In several places on Sunday, trees fell over, roads were blocked, and power lines were torn down. 

A little calmer on Monday

In Western Norway, it is expected to be a little calmer and with a little less precipitation, but there will be strong gusts locally in the northwest. 

On Sunday, a yellow danger warning was issued for gusts of wind for Møre og Romsdal and Sør-Trøndelag.

On Monday, the low pressure will gradually move south and weaken, leading to less wind and precipitation activity.

“But there will be falling temperatures Østafjells (east of the Langfjellene mountain range)… There will probably be sleet and snow almost down to the coast, so the weather could still be quite challenging,” Haga said.

Several mountain passes in Southern Norway were closed on Sunday.

Danger warning for Northern Norway

In the northern part of the country, a yellow warning has been issued for gusts of wind both on Sunday and Monday.

The danger warning applies to Helgeland, Saltfjellet, Salten and Ofoten, Troms, and Western Finnmark. 

On Monday, gusts of 27-30 meters per second are expected in exposed areas.

“A very strong wind that can do some damage,” the meteorologist warned.

When the low pressure weakens on Monday, the wind will eventually weaken as well. 

The strong gusts of wind will make it challenging to travel through the mountain passes, but it is expected to be easier to pass through on Monday.

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