Oslo Sommerpark is open again!

Oslo SommerparkOslo Sommerpark

After the best winter season here in Oslo’s Winter Park,we can now gladly declare Oslo Summer Park open.


A park for adrenaline-rush-lovers of all ages.

H & L Klatrepark is the most popular activity in Oslo Summer Park, with climbing lines for all ages, where the focus is high mastery, this is something that generates wide smiles for both young and old. Here,the family and friends can romp through a large area in the trees under the Tryvann tower. Klatreparken is part of the ‘High and Low Chain’, which has 14 climbing parks all over the country.

“We at Oslo Summer Park are genuinely interested in facilitating outdoor activities for adults and children with fun in the tree tops under safe conditions,” said General Manager, Espen Bengston.

In addition to the climbing park, the summer park offers bicycle rental and guided tours both on the trails, and some more technical cycling. In the area there are facilities for tailor made events, team-building and opportunities for both food and drink, 5-games and the popular “Tigerspranget”.

“After such a wonderful winter, it’s gratifying that the summer has come, and we are looking forward to welcoming our summer guests for woodland training here in Oslo Summer Park,” said Espen Bengston.



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