Gammel Opland shoots to the top in prestigious competition

Gammel OplandGammel Opland.Photo: Arcus

Norway’s best-selling ‘akevit’ took gold during the World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) in San Francisco. Gammel Opland was redesigned and relaunched in March this year, but it was only the taste the international jury had to consider.


Gammel Opland has been made to the same recipe ever since 1872, but the gold medal proves that the taste is still world-class.

‘’Akevit must be aged for at least 6 months in order to be known as Norwegian akevitt, but Gammel Opland is stored for at least 24 months. In addition, we always use the best casks and ingredients available to make Gammel Opland,that’s why it’s in a class of its own,” explained master blender, Ivan Abrahamsen.
SFWSC is often referred to as “The Olympic Games” of the liquor industry. To win gold, the product must stand out in a very special way. Lysholm Linie Akevitt won gold in 2015 and 2016, but this year it had to be seen to be believed when Gammel Opland participated in the competition for the first time. Aalborg Taffel Akvavit also took gold this year.

Exports increase

Akevit has experienced a renaissance in Norway in recent decades. Gammel Opland is the best-selling brand in Norway, with a market share of almost 20%. International sales figures show that more and more overseas buyers have also got their eyes on the Norwegian traditional drink. Figures from the International Wine and Spirits Record show that the demand for akevit in the United States has had an annual growth rate of 10% over the past five years.
Gammel Opland is produced by Arcus, Norway’s largest producer of spirits.

‘’Gammel Opland is crafted similarly to the best whiskey and brandy. Nordic food and culture has become very trendy abroad in recent years, so it is very exciting to see that the world have also got their eyes on Nordic drinks,” said Ivan Abrahamsen.


©  Arcus/ #Norway Today