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​Increased traffic at Stavanger airport

AvinorChallenging weather conditions in February.Photo: Avinor


Avinor experienced 2.7 per cent growth in traffic, with a total of 3.8 million passengers travelling via the company’s airports in February. Following a long period of traffic decline, traffic has now returned at Stavanger airport, Sola.


International traffic increased in Tromsø

In Tromsø, traffic growth has been substantial (7.2 per cent), and international traffic has increased as much as 51 per cent compared to February last year. Routes to Gdansk, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Stockholm contributed to most of the growth.

Stavanger had the strongest development of Avinor’s largest airports with 4.5 per cent, followed by Oslo (3.7%) and Bergen (3%). In Trondheim, there was a decrease of 1.7 per cent compared to last year. Of Avinor’s regional airports, Tromsø (7.2%) had the largest growth, followed by Harstad/Narvik (5.8%) and Ålesund (5%).

Difficult winter conditions
Norway’s challenging weather conditions in February resulted in 500 more cancellations than February last year. Regularity was 97.8 per cent, with 2.2 per cent of all planned flights cancelled.

Traffic to and from Poland had the strongest growth in February with an increase of around 12 000 passengers (+23%). Growth was also substantial for routes to and from Finland (20%), the Netherlands (5%) and Spain (4%).


Source: Avinor / Norway Today


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