100 Best Things To Do In Norway – Part VII

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100 Best Things To Do In Norway – Part VII

Norway has been called The Land of the Midnight Sun, The Land of Fjords and the Land of Northern Lights. However, those are but the few things it is most known for: there are so much more.

Norway is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. With some of the most stunning nature sites in the world, you surely won’t be disappointed. It also has a rich cultural history and a lively contemporary art scene, primarily in Oslo.

However, when visiting a country as large it can be hard to decide where you should go. That is why we have prepared a list of the 100 best things to do in Norway.

Mostly Museums intersped with fun for kids in part 7.

61. Swords in Rock (Stavanger)

 The three swords in the rock mark the actual place of the last battle in the divided Norway. After it, the kingdoms were united under one rule of king Harald. If you listen closely, you can still hear the voices of the last Viking kings whispering… If you happen to visit in mid June you can even partake in a ‘real’ Viking Kaupang (Marked).

62. Lofoten War Museum (Svolvær)

 Lofoten War Museum covers the period between 1940 and 1945 – the years of the Second Word War. It is a privately owned museum and the owner greets you on arrival and is very happy to help visitors. The collection itself is huge and included several rare pieces. A must see for history freaks and otherwise.

63. The Royal Palace Tour (Oslo)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj4O0WBxFiU&w=693&h=300]The Royal Palace of Oslo is the seat of the royal family. However, tourists are only permitted in the outside areas out of summertime, so you won’t get to see how the king and queen of Norway live if you come in another season (but if you are visiting Norway during summer, click the link!). Still, you can take a picture with the royal guard: just make sure to show them their due respect. Otherwise they might get angry – and they have guns.

64. Bergen Aquarium (Bergen)

 Penguins, sea lions, seals…and more can be seen at the Bergen Aquarium. In the good three hours you will spend there you will see the aforementioned creatures plus a number of others, some of which will surprise you. Excellent for children.

65. Norway’s Resistance Museum (Oslo)

 For all who want to learn more about Norway’s involvement in WW2, this is the place. Norway’s Resistance Museum is a story told through the collection of war memorabilia and war stories. Norway in particular had an important role due to Quisling…but that you will learn there.

66. Tusenfryd (Vinterbro)

 Tusenfryd  is an amusement park near Oslo. It has rides for all levels of adrenaline tolerance and kids and adults alike can enjoy it. A great place to spend a weekend day at – or more than one.

67. Hunderfossen Familiepark (Lillehammer)

 Hunderfossen Familiepark is a family-friendly amusement park with a typically Norwegian theme: trolls and other traditional stories. In the summer, it is much like any other park, but in the winter, it become a place of buzzing activity. Ice sculptures, snow rafting, ice queen,…bring your kids, they will love you for it!

68. Lofotr Viking Museum (Vestvagøy)

 Vikings were an interesting bunch. Their lives and culture are still part of Norway today and learning more about the Vikings means learning more about the Norwegians. At Lofotr Viking Museum, you can see authentic Viking houses and through online audio, get to know how people used to live.

69. Norwegian Museum of Technology (Oslo)

 Norwegian Museum of Technology is a complete collection of technological advanced when it comes to the country. Everything – from electricity to woodcutting – can be found here in one place. Special emphasis in on the industries specific to Norway, like oil drilling; if you are a tech buzz, you will enjoy this.

70. Botanical Gardens (Oslo)

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSgZquFGCG4&w=693&h=300]Visiting the Botanical Gardens in Oslo might not only be an opportunity to see some beautiful flowers, but also to get some much needed warmth in the green houses (especially during winter). An oasis in an otherwise cold city.

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