100 Best Things To Do In Norway – Part IX

The Chimpanzee Julius. Kristiansand Zoo 100 Best Things To Do In NorwayThe Chimpanzee Julius. Photo: Dyreparken.no

100 Best Things To Do In Norway – Part IX

Norway has been called The Land of the Midnight Sun, The Land of Fjords and the Land of Northern Lights. However, those are but the few things it is most known for: there are so much more.


Norway is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. With some of the most stunning nature sites in the world, you surely won’t be disappointed. It also has a rich cultural history and a lively contemporary art scene, primarily in Oslo.

However, when visiting a country as large it can be hard to decide where you should go. That is why we have prepared a list of the 100 best things to do in Norway.

We kick start with another great venue for the kids, but the sporty and cultural peeps are also not forgotten in part of our tour

 81. Atlantic Sea Park (Ålesund)

 The Atlantic Sea Park in – according to Time Magazine – the most beautiful town in the world is something you will regret missing. Here’s what you will miss if you don’t go: holding live fish, seeing penguins and otters up close and lobsters fighting with knives. Ok, not the last one. But you get the point: this is a must see.

 82. The Fortified Town (Fredrikstad)

 The fortified town in Fredrikstad is the best preserved in Northern Europe and is buzzing with activity. Concerts, cafes, restaurants, street performers…walking around here never gets boring. And since nowadays there are no guards, archers or cannons, you are free to come by and visit.

 83. Besseggen (Vågamo)

 A hike to Besseggen is an adventure you will never forget. The 6-8 hour hike is no easy task, but the reward is proportionate to the effort. On the climb you will be privy to some of the best sights Norway has to offer. Come prepared with multiple layers of clothing, food for snacks and leave your fear of heights at home. It is furthermore made famous through Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘Peer Gynt’.


 84. Fredriksten Fortress (Halden)
 An awesome fortress waiting for you to discover! Fredriksten Fortress is magnificent to see. There is an exquisite restaurant inside: you might want to try the wine and steak, they are delicious. You can also look around the castle, climb all over the walls and learn about its history in the museum.
 85. Kirkenes Snow Hotel (Kirkenes)
 When life gives you snow…you make a hotel out if it. The Kirkenes Snow Hotel is a unique experience, as you will sleep in freezing cold rooms with specially designed sleeping bags to keep you warm. The staff make you feel like a friend and not just a guest. This is no mere hotel, but a destination in itself.
 86. Barents Safari Tours (Kirkenes)
 At Barents Safari Tours, you get your choice between four different kinds of safari: riverboat, snowmobile, ATV and king crab safari. On the last one you of course get to see the frankly huge water creatures called king crabs (for a good reason). The guides are excellent and explain everything you would want to know.

 87. Latefossen (Odda)

 Mark Latefossen on your maps. If you happen to travel nearby on your journey, make a stop to look at the roaring double waterfall. The sound might deafen you a bit but the view will pay off.

 88. Svalbard Church (Longyearbyen)

 Svalbard Church is the world’s most northern church. Its style is simple and practical: in these harsh conditions, function comes before form. Still, it is lovely in its simplicity and honest style. If you find yourself up in the north, come visit. Hurtigruten has for example regular cruises visiting Svalbard.

 89. Spiralen (Drammen)

 The spiral tunnel is a tourist attraction, but it is a byproduct of locals being displeased with quarrying destroying the local landscape. So instead they decided for a tunnel, which ended up becoming a tourist attraction. Lovely view from the top. It has even been featured in a James Bond Movie!

 90. Rockheim Hall of Fame (Trondheim)

 Norway’s national museum of popular music, Rockheim, is home to the history, culture and many artifacts of Norwegian music. If you are a fan at all, this will be your ultimate experience. Whether you like Norwegian metal or hip hop, they have you covered. A pleasant few hours to spend with music.


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