Hotel boom in the north and downturn in the south

Fleisher's Hotel, VossFleisher's Hotel, Voss

The Tromsø hotels are best in their class when it comes to accommodation income. In February,the city’s hotel rooms were twice as profitable as the capital’s.

Accommodation income in Tromsø ended at NOK 1,275 per available room in February, just over 20% higher than in the same month last year wrote Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.The country’s second most profitable hotel city is also in Northern Norway according to figures from the Benchmarking Alliance. In Bodø, income – excluding VAT and breakfast – was NOK 699 per room, 16% higher than last year.

The hotel occupancy in the Nordic region increased from 90 to 93% and contributed to the result.

The figures are quite wild. For example, there was not a single day in February with less than NOK 1,250 for the average room price’’ said hotel consultant, Peter Wiederstrøm.

Oslo, with Fornebu and Gardermoen, come in the next two places, with revenues of NOK 604 and 584 respectively per room. This means a decrease of 12% in the capital and 5% at the airport.

At the bottom of the list – and “at the bottom” of the country – we find Kristiansand, where average accommodation income per available hotel room was NOK 318, a decrease of 17%. Stavanger managed to get a hundred kroner more per room, which is an increase of 13% from February last year.

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