Norwegian increases their staff for the busy Christmas period

Norwegian airlinePhoto: Norwegian airline
Advertisements is facing a busy Christmas season with hundreds of thousands of passengers just in Norway. The company will put in extra resources both at airports and at the customer centers to help travellers in the most hectic travel period around Christmas.


The advice of the traveller is to be early at the airport and pack smartly to help a smoother journey.

This year’s Christmas traffic is spread over several days, with Friday 22 December as the busiest travel day in Norway. Norwegian has many travellers between various Norwegian cities before Christmas, and in between Christmas and New year the international traffic is high. It is Copenhagen, London and Berlin which are the most popular destinations then.

Arrive in good time
There are more leisure travellers and families with children on Christmas holidays than otherwise in the year, so it is important to calculate extra time at the airport. December 22 is the big day of departure for those who are planning to fly home for Christmas, and with more passengers often with a little extra luggage, time both at check-in and security checks can take longer than usual.

Passengers who are going to check in luggage or carry hand luggage on board is advised to follow our advice on packing smart and doing the following to make sure the luggage is safe:

Mark your luggage well with your name and phone number

Make sure things do not fall out or move inside the packaging

Do not include anything that is not allowed for security reasons, such as liquid Christmas presents

Pack fragile items in hard or padded packaging

 Extra christmas flights
Late comers who have not yet booked flights for Christmas still have the opportunity to secure a seat. The high demand over the Christmas season has resulted in Norwegian having scheduled several extra”Christmas flights” this year.

Additional Christmas departures are now available from Oslo to Tromsø, Evenes, Molde, Bergen, Alta, Bodø, Haugesund, Ålesund, Trondheim, Stavanger, Svalbard and Kirkenes. The company has scheduled  additional departures from Oslo to Nice, Barcelona, ​​Gran Canaria and Madrid.

Source: Norwegian / Norway Today