Three contenders for Eidsvoll Intercity

Railroad Eidsvoll Intercity RørosExchanging of sleepers on the Røros railroad. Photo Øystein Grue / Bane NOR

Three contenders for the Eidsvoll Intercity

Bane NOR invites three contractors further in the competition to build a double track from Eidsvoll North to Langset in Eidsvoll, as part of the Eidsvoll Intercity along the Dovre railroad.


The contractors invited to place tenders are as follows:

  • JV BetonmastHæhre Anlegg AS – PNC
  • NCC Norge AS
  • Veidekke Entreprenør AS

– We are very pleased with the response in the market and there are three solid entrepreneurs that are invited to issue tenders. The contract is planned and will be awarded in the spring of 2019. The construction will start in the autumn, says Project Manager for the double track development in Eidsvoll, Rønnaug Resset. This Intercity development will provide shorter travel times and more frequent departures for travellers with the Dovre railroad.

Bane NOR does not want to say how many contractors sought to pre-qualify for the project.

Eidsvoll Intercity finished in 2023

The tender for Eidsvoll Nord – Langset comprises the construction of 4.5 kilometres of double tracks, a tunnel at Kråkvål, three shorter bridges and the 836 metres long Minnevika railroad bridge. Minnevika railroad bridge will be Norway’s longest and will be built on floating poles over the bay. The double tracks from Eidsvoll North to Langset will be open for traffic in 2023 – if everything goes according to plan.

In September of this year, NCC Norge AS signed a contract for the construction of the Intercity double tracks south of Eidsvoll, more precisely, the Venjar – Eidsvoll North stretch. Once both Intercity developments at Eidsvoll have been completed, there will be a continuous double track between Oslo and Espa / Kleverud.


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