Norwegians traveled more abroad and less domestically this spring

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There was a sharp decline in Norwegians’ domestic trips in the spring and early summer this year.

The travel survey by Statistics Norway (Statistik sentralbyrå) shows that Norwegians collectively made 5.6 million trips with accommodation in the second quarter. This was a sharp reduction from the previous year, and it was the short domestic holidays that contributed to the decline.

Norwegians made less than half as many short holiday trips during the second quarter of the year as during the same period last year. The hot and dry summer last year may have been a contributing factor to the record number of Norwegians choosing to take more short vacation trips domestically last year than has been the usual for other years, the agency notes.

2.5 million trips abroad were made in the second quarter of this year, an increase of around 30 %.

Air travel is the most common means of transport on foreign trips. An increase in international travel increased the number of flights from the second quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year. Figures from Avinor also show an increase in overseas passengers.

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