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One ton of fish seized

A ton of fish on its way out of the country.Photo: Tollvesenet / NTB scanpix NB: Krediteres Tollvesenet.


One ton of fish seized

Over the past three weeks, Customs and border control ( has seized over a ton of fish on its way out of the country.


Foreign fishermen try to take  home far more than what is allowed. This past weekend, the police in Oslo have had two seizures of fish. According to Customs, these are individuals who have been on a fishing holiday and try to leave with larger quantities of fish than allowed, writes Aftenposten.

One can legally carry 15 kilos of fish fillet out of the country. In addition, one can include a so-called trophy fish, that is, a big fish that is meant as a trophy, according to the Customs and border patrol. Paul Johan Ask, Head of Section for Oslo and Akershus Customs, says there is no misunderstanding among the tourists leading to the seizures.

They try to see what they can get away with.  They are well prepared and travel with freezers, pack the fish well and they give us the wrong weight on Custom declaration forms and hope that we don’t check.  It is deliberate, he says and it is regarded as an environmental crime, tourists being caught are fined between NOK 10-12,000.

According to Customs and border control the tourists are usually from Germany, Netherlands and Austria, who come to Norway to fish.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today / Victoria Garza


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