8 out of 10 «October kids» have gained a stay

Afghan boy, October kids ,Afghan boy. 100 October kids have been granted a stay in Norway. Photo: Pixabay.com

8 out of 10 «October kids» are granted a stay in Norway

Of the so-called October kids, 78 per cent have now obtained a stay after a renewed assessment in the Immigration Directorate. Most of them must apply for renewal annually.


The Department of Immigration (UDI)  On Thursday informs that all of the cases are concluded.

According to the UDI, 103 of the 137 persons who fulfil the Norwegian Parliament’s criteria for reviews are granted residence because of strong human considerations.

101 out of 103 have not provided identity documents as is required.

– They have therefore received a right to stay that may be renewed each year until they have delivered a passport confirming their identity information. Meanwhile, this permission does not provide a basis for family reunification or permanent residence permit, UDI writes.

Rejected applications

One applicant has been granted residence for reasons of protection and 15 applications have been rejected. 15 cases have also been filed along the way. This applies to when an applicant either does not meet or withdraws the application. There are three such decisions, and these will be issued in the near future, UDI states.

When the application deadline expired in May 2018, 399 people had applied. 262 were rejected as they did not meet the demands required by the Parliament. This included the decision between October 1st, 2016 and February 1st, 2018, that they had been granted a temporary residence permit until they reached the age of 18, and in the last decision they had been referred to internally in their home country.

All from Afghanistan

The majority of applicants rejected by the UDI are from Afghanistan, but there have also been applications from tens of thousands of persons from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Persons from Iran, Syria and Pakistan have also applied.

All those who were entitled to a new treatment come from Afghanistan. UDI has brought back 18 Afghans to Norway. The last eight arrived on Friday last week, according to UDI.

Eight applicants have been rejected during the review since they had been granted legal residence in France. 91 people applied after the deadline. They have also had their applications rejected.


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