Hareide’s advice is an ultimatum

KrF Ultimatum Labour HareideHareide (right) thinks to join forces with Labour Leader Støre (left). Photo: Stortinget.no

Hareide’s advice to KrF is an ultimatum

Knut Arild Hareide neither can nor will be remaining as leader of the Christian Democrats (KrF) if the party chooses to go in a different direction than he advises, a commentator believes.


– It is obvious that this is an ultimatum. If the Party does not want to participate in his political project, he has no other choice than to step down, says former editor in the Christian newspaper Vårt Land, Åshild Mathisen, to NTB.

On Friday, Hareide gave a clear advice to the KrF’s National Assembly to assess Government co-operation with Labour and the Centre Party instead of joining in the current Government. The distance to the Progress Party is too big, Hareide says, who at the same time refuses to pose a «cabinet question» on the matter.

Deputy leaders important

But if he does not obtain support in the Party, he has no choice but to step down, says Mathisen, who previously has been an adviser to Hareide.

What the deputy leaders, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and Olaug Bollestad, now choose to do will be of great importance. Both believe that KrF should first speak to the current Government about a possible co-operation agreement.

– If they stick to that view, that sends a signal that they are aiming to overthrow Hareide. But if they see how dramatic this will be and choose not to rock the boat, this can help steer the KrF to the left, Mathisen believes.

Should the opposite happen and Hareide is forced out, Ropstad and former fiscal spokesperson, Hans Olav Syversen, are potential successors to the leadership of the Party, she states.

Warning to the Government

Editor of Dagen, Vebjørn Selbekk, believes that Hareide will be ousted if the party decides to move to the left.

– He has put the whole party’s future and existence at stake by courting the Labour Party and the political left. I am well acquainted with that the grass root in the Christian Democrats, including the Party strongholds in southern and western Norway, is not taken graciously, he tells ABC nyheter.

Even if the Christian Democrats should follow Hareide’s advice to turn to the socialists, the Government probably will remain in power, for the time being, Election Researcher Bernt Aardal believes.

– But it’s a warning to the Government that they should not take KrF’s support for granted, says Aardal to VG.

Solberg will be felled

Political Editor in Bergens Tidende, Frøy Gudbrandsen, believes that the Solberg Government will be felled if Hareide brings KrF further to the left.

– What’s going to be exciting now, is whether KrF stays behind its leader or not, says Gulbrandsen to VG


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