Hospital MD indicted in Operation Infinity

Medical Doctor MD Operation InfinityMedical Doctor measuring the blood pressure. Photo:

Medical Doctor at Hospital indicted in Operation Infinity

Among the 36 men who were caught up by police network action Operation Infinity, is a Medical Doctor (MD) employed by a hospital. Next week, a verdict is expected in Drammen District Court in Buskerud.

It was set aside one day for the case that was presented in court on Thursday, January 3rd. The man is accused of chatting with others about sexual fantasies regarding child abuse, and for having received 354 images and two video clips depicting such abuses, writes VG.

He was first arrested January 24th, 2017. The day after he was released before he once more being arrested last autumn. The latter after the Oslo Police District action «Operation Infinity» revealed that he had chatted about abuse of children with, among others, a lawyer.

No further seizures

When asked by prosecutor Ole Jakob Garder, the man admitted that he was a paedophile. He was remanded in custody last autumn, although no additional photos or similar depicting abuse were found in his possession.

The defendant has always acknowledged the criminal charges. He wanted the case to be held behind closed doors during his statement, but this was not heeded.

The prosecutor laid down a claim for a five-month prison sentence, of which three months were to be made conditional due to the lengthy processing time of the case. The defendant’s lawyer, Anders Green, demanded that his client should be released without further ado.

The hospital MD has already served 56 days in custody.

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