Largest food price test in VG ever

Grocery store Price Test food price wagesGrocery Store. Photo: Norway Today Media

Largest food price test ever – Here you find the cheapest food!

Never before has the shopping bag been larger! This time VG’s food price test compare on a total of 100 items you need every day. The expert’s advice: Go after the offers!


Rema 1000 says that it is the total sum on the cash register that counts. Now the Rema chain of stores must see themselves beaten by their archenemy: Kiwi:

The shopping basket of 100 items is cheapest at Kiwi. At Rema it is four Norwegian crowns more expensive, or 0.11 per cent, than at Kiwi.

It may not be the biggest of amounts, but it shows how tough the competition is between the food chain stores.

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Tuesday this week, VG filled the shopping basket at the low-price stores: Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Extra, but also at Spar, Menu, and Coop Mega supermarkets. Kiwi’s shopping basket ends up at NOK 3760.95.

Most expensive was the shopping basket at Spar, where the bon ended at NOK 4,222.01, or 460 more for the same goods.

Over the course of a year, thousands can be saved on shopping at Kiwi, Rema or Extra.

If you shop at a regular supermarket and buy the same items, VG’s example shows that you have to spend a lot more of money.


Low Cost grocery chain Kiwi. Photo:

Have to be price conscious

Supermarkets, as is well known, have both fresh products (fish, meat etc) and a larger product range than the discount stores. If you are not price conscious you can easily get trapped.

At Coop Mega frozen hamburgers cost almost NOK 30 more than at Kiwi and Rema, as an example.

What is certain is that the variety selection at the supermarket gives you more to choose between from the shelves.

This price test clearly shows that VG’s food check has an important function.

In each price test, several of the “regular” items on VG’s shopping list were exchanged with other foods unknown to the chains.


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