Norway’s Christian Democrats want to let parents transfer sick days to grandparents

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Ida Lindtveit Røse of the Christian Democrats (KRF), who heads the party’s upbringing committee, thinks that parents should be able to transfer their sick days to the children’s grandparents.

According to Dagen, that is one of several proposals the KRF’s upbringing committee will submit to the party’s program committee, which will present its first draft of a new party program in November.

Committee leader Ida Lindtveit Røse says that the party will propose the possibility of parents transferring sick days to grandparents, so that they can be at home with sick grandchildren.

“Freedom of choice”

“I think all parents recognize themselves in the fact that not every day is equally optimal to suddenly be home and not go to work, and then it can be a good solution that a grandparent is at home instead,” she said.

“Families experience high pressure in both working life and at home, and ensuring freedom of choice for families is therefore absolutely crucial. 

“This is a proposal that will reduce stress in everyday life for families with young children,” Røse pointed out to Dagen.

In 2016, the Labor Party’s (AP) family committee proposed a similar proposal to allow parents to transfer sick days to a relative. 

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