Norwegian company introduces 10 minutes of physical activity during working hours

KollegamosjonPhoto: Bedriftsidretten / NTB

The employees at Leif Grimsrud AS will now have 10 minutes for physical activity every day. 

The machine contractor company Leif Grimsrud AS arranged for all employees to have at least 10 minutes of physical activity, whether they are alone on projects, with colleagues on assignment, or in the office.

The company is participating in a new nationwide exercise campaign from Bedriftsidretten, and arrangements are now being made for employees to have both the time and support they need to get started with physical activity.

“It’s important for us that our employees thrive in the company. Good health and a social community around activity are things that we invest a lot in,” Kristin Græsdal Jenssen, project engineer at Leif Grimsrud AS, noted.

Sedentary work

Leif Grimsrud AS has 233 employees with several departments spread around Østfold and Akershus. 

That makes it somewhat challenging to be able to gather employees for joint physical activity.

“That is why we have signed up for an exercise campaign,” Græsdal Jenssen noted. 

The campaign makes it possible to facilitate physical activity, even if the employees are spread around in different departments and projects. 

Additionally, employees will receive tips and advice.

Investing in physical activity

According to Græsdal Jenssen, they want to invest in physical activity because working days in the company are often characterized by long hours spent sitting in machines, with little time for physical activity.

“We hope that the campaign can give the employees a break from monotonous work,” Græsdal Jenssen emphasized.

The campaign Kollegamosjon from Bedriftsidretten is a nationwide activity campaign that runs between October 19 and November 15 throughout Norway.

Source: Bedriftsidretten / NTB / Norway Today


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