Not wrong to release patient who killed his mother

Restraint Belts bergen psychiatry Sandviken hospital killedPrevention: All employees at Sandviken Hospital in Bergen have been trained to detect and cope with aggression in patients. It has given effect. Photo: CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia

Not unreasonable to release patient who killed his mother

The County Governor states that it was not irresponsible to release a man from a psychiatric institution a few weeks before he killed his own mother in Bergen last winter.


It was on Saturday, February 10th this year that a 43-year-old man called the police and reported that his mother was dead. And that she was lying in their apartment in a block of flats on Landås in Bergen. Shortly thereafter, the man told the police that he had killed his mother using an axe.

According to Bergens Tidende, the man had previously been released from a psychiatric institution in Bergen against his wishes. In a recent report, the County Governor of Hordaland states that it was not irresponsible to release the man indicted of murder.

The Norwegian Board of Health’s investigation report states that the man was offered to stay a few more days before being released, which he refused. He wished for a long admission, and therefore saw no point in staying for just a few days extra.

Questions lack of risk assessment

The report questions whether a separate assessment of the risk of violence should have been carried out, but at the same time emphasizes that the outcome of the case would not necessarily be any different after such an assessment.

Two legal psychiatrists are in the process of completing a report on the state of the 43-year-old in the period before the murder. This is not finished yet, but will affect the punishment the man will be sentenced to, if any.

According to the police, the case is soon investigated, and an assessment on possible charges brought against the man will be issued to the prosecutor before the summer.


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