Sailboat taking on water off the coast of Peru

sailboat disrtess peruSailboats at anchor. Photo:

Norwegian sailboat taking on water off the coast of Peru

The crew aboard a Norwegian sailboat that takes in water in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru, states that they are faring well.


According to NRK, the distress signal from the sailboat was received by the main Rescue Center of Norway at Sola. The crew of the Norwegian boat requested assistance from ships in the vicinity. They additonally informs that the boat is sinking due to a crack in the hull.

The Norwegian people aboard write on Facebook that they are in good shape and that they are awaiting help from nearby vessels.

According to the HRS, the situation is stable, and the crew will make further improvements when daylight approaches.

The rescue center in Peru has taken over the coordination of the rescue operation. The Norwegian Rescue centre (HRS) reports to NRK that the nearest vessel that is able to assist the Norwegian sailboat is 24-hours distant.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today