Sex worker deported from Norway: “After quarantine, she must have served at least 20 clients a week”

UDIPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

A woman who worked as a sex worker has been expelled from Norway. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) believes the woman poses a threat to public health.

The woman came to Norway at the end of December to work as a sex worker. 

“After the quarantine period, she must have served a minimum of 20 clients a week. 

“The woman stated that she did not take any other precautions other than asking if clients had a cold or coronavirus,” the Oslo Police District stated in a press release.

On December 29, the UDI made a decision on expulsion as they believe the woman is considered to pose a threat to public health.

In Oslo, face masks are mandatory in some situations where it is not possible to keep a meter away, and the number of close contacts should not exceed ten during a week.

Not compliant with guidelines

“Your business is not very compliant with the mentioned guidelines, and it is unlikely that the distance rules will be complied with. 

“The UDI, therefore, considers that you expose yourself, customers, and the broader environment to a significant risk of infection by having a high number of close contacts and limited opportunities to reveal whether the customers are infected or in quarantine,” the decision states. 

In the press release, the Oslo Police District noted that compliance with the infection control rules is a very important measure to prevent and limit the further spread of COVID-19 in Norway.

“When people deliberately break the guidelines, despite being familiar with them, there is a lack of respect for both the regulations and public health. This is seen as serious “, the Oslo Police District warns.

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  1. “Sex worker” is a contemptible euphemism to portray a horrible woman-and-girl-and-boy destroying tragedy.

    Last I heard, HIV had an 8-month-prior-to-detection incubation period.

    And how many young Norwegians – preferred for their fair complexions – are being drugged, raped, bribed, or otherwise dragged into it by international crime gangs like the “clans” we see next-door in Sweden?

    *Are* the Politi and social agencies trying to discourage and stop prostitution in Norway? Is there an effective safe harbor program?

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