123 caught with cannabis at music festival in Oslo

FestivalFestival.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

123 people were taken with cannabis products at the Kadetten i Oslo music festival this week. 14 of them were under 18 years old.


The festival in Sandvika, Oslo, was organised for the first time this week, and during the two days there were 11,000 people attending.

In retrospect,it appears that 123 people were caught with drugs in connection with the festival, according to Aftenposten newspaper.

“The figure is not surprisingly high for us, but we had hoped for a lower number. At the same time, we could catch far more if we had the capacity,” said Ketil Thue of the intelligence section in unit west of Oslo police district.

Essentially, when talking of cannabis products, most arrests were made outside of the festival area. All 123 have been reported, 80 of them submitted by the police, most of whom will receive a 2,000 kroner fine.

Thue emphasised that the police had worked well with the organisers, and festival chief, Toffen Gunnufsen,said he was pleased with the police presence.

‘’We have zero tolerance for illegal products.People who were visibly drunk were expelled from the festival,’’said Gunnufsen, who believes the police presence had a
preventative effect.


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