33 belief communities forgot to claim aid

offertory belief communities state aidMany religious communities may have to rely on offertories in Norway this year. Photo: Pixabay.com

33 belief communities forgot to claim state aid

The Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs (BFD) has received 33 complaints from belief communities that have not received state aid because they have oversat the deadline for application.

The application deadline for state aid for belief communities is March 1st. As no reminders are sent out, the consequence is that many missed the deadline this year. They are thus denied state aid for 2019, writes Vårt Land.

Many religious and view of life communities also run the risk that a lack of state subsidies makes municipal support impossible.

“The public must make sure that the religious communities get the money they are entitled to,” Ingrid Rosendorf Joys tells Vårt Land. Joys is the Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council for Religious and View of Life Communities (STL).

Joys believes that this is money the religious communities are entitled to. She says the refusals are both an unreasonable consequence and unnecessary burden.

The Ministry of Children and Family received 33 complaints from religious and View of Life communities as of today. They appeal the rejections from the County Governor Offices to the ministry.

Ropstad Provideth?

Anita Rist is the professional leader of the grant department of the County Governor of Agder. She believes that the belief communities have no need to wait for a reminder from the county governor before applying.

“There is no reason to wait until March 1st. An application can be submitted from January 2nd, There are weaknesses in the routines of the religious and view of life communities when that kind of things are not sent on time.”

Vårt Land has been in contact with the Norwegian Minister for Children and Family, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (Christian Democrats). He is responsible for the government’s view of life policy. Ropstad does not want to comment on the matter at this time. The leader of the Christian Democrats will return to it later, though.

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