Fremskrittsparti (Frp) considers Anders Fogh Rasmussen for the Nobel Committee

Anders Fogh-RasmussenAnders Fogh-Rasmussen.Photo:

Former Secretary General of NATO, and Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen,was among 8-10 names assessed by Frp for the Nobel Committee, wrote Aftenposten newspaper.


The election committee’s chairman, Morten Wold, confirmed to the newspaper that Fogh Rasmussen was one of several names that had been recorded.

Aftenposten also wrote that there had been contact and feelers put out by Frp toward Fogh Rasmussen. Critic of Islam, Hege Storhaug had been proposed, but Aftenposten understood that she wasn’t approached.

Former Minister of Justice for Frp, Anders Anundsen, the former Vice President of Parliament,Kenneth Svendsen, and former foreign policy spokesman for Frp, Kristian Norheim, were among the proposals that are to discussed by the Nomination Committee.

Frp wishes to have a candidate ready before the first meeting of the Nobel Committee in February.

If no election has happened by that time, Høyre’s Kristin Clement will enter the committee as the first choice after the parliament, before Christmas, chose her after her name was nominated by former Frp chairman. Carl I. Hagen.

The Nobel Institute Director, Olav Njølstad, said that there is, formally, nothing standing in the way of a non-Norwegian citizen to be a member of the committee.


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