Grønvik Gard awarded two Speciality Brands

Grønvik Gard Gladmat Apple CiderHappy at Gladmat. Left to right: Nina Sundqvist (Director of Matmerk), Elisabeth Grønvik (apple cider producer) and Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Photo: Solfrid Sande/Matmerk

Grønvik Gard Awarded Speciality Brands by Solberg

“I am not so easily touched, but now I am very, very proud,” apple cider producer Elisabeth Grønvik laughs. Grønvik Gard is awarded two speciality brands for local food extraordinaire, by Prime Minister Erna Solberg during the Gladmat Festival in Stavanger.

“I’m not easily touched, but I can be really proud and then I can’t hide it. We are very proud now!” an overjoyed Elisabeth Grønvik laughs.

During the Gladmat festival, the apple cider producer from Grønvik Gard in Hjelmeland is called up to the stage to be congratulated by Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Two novel apple products from Grønvik are approved in the speciality labelling scheme Spesialitet by Matmerk. Spesialitet is the official branding scheme for Norwegian local food and drink in a league of its own.

“Thank you for contributing to placing Norway on the map as a food nation,” Solberg speaks during the handover of the two diplomas to Grønvik.

Focus on Norwegian raw materials

“At a time when the gap between food production and consumers is increasing, it is more important than ever to focus on the great Norwegian raw materials and local food traditions of Norway,” the Prime Minister continues.

“We still have some work left before we can say that Norway is an internationally recognised food nation, with a clear local and regional identity. But we are well underway,” Solberg concludes.

This applies to Grønvik Gard to the highest degree. The farm focuses on local apples. Elisabeth and Arvid Grønvik started in 2011, making apple cider, both regular and organic. They have already been bestowed with several awards. The Farm now has a total of four Specialty-approved products.

Enthused the jury

The two Grønvik products that are approved are an apple cider (made from organically grown Discovery Apples) and an innovation branded ‘Cavalier’.

Cavalier is a heavily reduced apple cider. It can be used to provide rich apple flavour in dishes, according to Elisabeth Grønvik.

“We have reduced apple cider down to fifty per cent concentrated apple, so it is very flavourful. It can be used for most things,” she explains.

When the panel jury tasted Cavalier in March, it aroused great enthusiasm. Several of the chefs stated, then and there, that they wanted to experiment with it in the kitchen ‘tout suite’.



An important recognition for Grønvik Gard

Grønvik Gard’s ecological apple cider was also lauded by the Spesialitet jury.

“Smell and taste, everything is spot on,” jury leader and star chef, Harald Osa, praised during the tasting.

“I am genuinely excited to hear this,” replies Elisabeth Grønvik.

“To please cooks and professionals as in the jury …! It does matter a lot – no matter how you view it, it does matter a lot. Spesialitet is an important recognition and a quality stamp,” she concludes.

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