Gladmat for the kiddos

gladmat kiddos Happy FoodGladmat is the Happy Food Festival in Stavanger, also for the kiddos. Photo: Gladmat

Gladmat for the kiddos as well

Cookery courses, chef battles, tractors, wheel of fortune and chocolate – Gladmat Festival 2019 is full of thrilling activities for the youngest gourmets (and gourmands).

Children are a really important target group for Gladmat. The basis for good eating habits is laid early, and the Happy Food Festival wants to contribute its share in spreading food joy among the kiddos.

Free food course in the Blue-Green Tent

Every day during the entire festival, several food courses are arranged in the Blue-Green Tent. Course holders are NKL Rogaland (Norwegian Chefs Association Rogaland) and Fra Hage till Mage/Iver & Evne (From Garden to Stomach/Eagerness & Ability).

Participation is free, but registration is required. Visit the tent to sign up and see which courses suit different age groups.

Overview of when the different courses are held

Free workshops in Pedersgata

Storhaug Productions has a stand in Pedersgata, and offers lots of activities for both young and old. In addition, they have cool workshops throughout the festival. Read more on their Facebook event page.

Chocolate course at Pralin’s stand

Pralin’s chocolate course is very popular with the kiddos every year. Stop by their stand for times and bookings.

Competitions and fun at IVAR

IVAR always comes to the Gladmat Festival with toys, competitions and other fun for the children. In addition, the stand is a very good water station, so it is wise to stop by at the stand of the waterworks.

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Chef battle between young food savers

On Thursday and Friday, there is a chef battle for juniors between 10 and 14 years in the ‘Smak på Norge’ (Taste of Norway) area. Norway’s Food Saving Queen, Mette Nygård Havre, will lead the chef battle together with Therese D’Este Thomassen, Head of Fra Hage To Mage. Gladmat hopes that many will join in and cheer the young on, both days!

Read more about times, and what happens, at the Facebook event page.

Activities with the Farmers Association at the town square

The Norwegian Farmers’ Association has hands-on activities for children at the town square (Torget). Last year they appeared with both cow and tractor.

The Child Jury

We want our exhibitors to be exciting for children to visit. We, therefore, have a Child Jury, who visit and assess all the stands. During the awards ceremony on Saturday, at 3 pm, they award their own prize – to the stand they like the best.

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