This is What You Eat for NOK 40 at Gladmat

Gladmat Colour street Happy FoodThe Colour street is an important part of the Happy Food Festival in Stavanger. Photo: Gladmat

This is What You Eat for NOK 40 at Gladmat ’19

For the Gladmat Festival to give the public the opportunity to taste as much as possible, all exhibitors must offer a Happy Food Dish at NOK 40. These dishes tend to be the basis for the roll of the dice the various stands are awarded by the newspapers. The year’s best dish is also rewarded with a prize on the last day of the Happy Food festival in Stavanger.

This year, Gladmat offers a huge variety of dishes. There is something for everyone’s palate to enjoy.

Heaps of Seafood

Are you fond of seafood? Then you can stop by BAR Social Eating Stavanger and taste lobster with marinated cauliflower, cauliflower cream, and dried black olives – served on a tartlet of filo dough. You can also go to Spiseriet’s stand and sample stirred rockfish from Sunnmøre – served with smoked Røros butter, chives, horseradish and herring roe. Possibly a more classic variant at Pommes Frites Direktøren, namely homemade Fish & Chips? Or is it Hekkan Burger’s wannabe slider with tempura fried Sterling halibut filet served with stirred Remoulade that is the most tempting?

Japanese Kara-Age don Gladmat

Exiting Sweet

Are you in the sweet mode? Then take a trip to Belgian Waffles, Choc & Berry and try their white chocolate pannacotta with liquorice, passion fruit coulis and berries. Or maybe a chocolate hot dog from La Fêve is more to your taste? Alternatively, try Egersund’s Chocolate Factory’s smoked cherry confectionery, served on caramelized chicken skin, seasoned with wasabi and roasted black sesame seeds.

Traditional Food at Gladmat? Always!

Was this a little too much? You’re game for traditional food? Then you can start at MS Sandnes to enjoy a shellfish cocktail, before trying hot smoked salmon with potato salad and mustard sauce at Lygna, Salmon Tradition, the name says it all. to round it off, try traditional west Norwegian pancakes – svele – topped with homemade jam at Mor Sigfrid Bakst.



Eat Top Notch for NOK 40

Many of our restaurants also offer Happy Food Dishes, which provides an excellent opportunity to get small titbits from the various kitchens.  You can try “cod with taste from the sea” with seaweed emulsion, sea lettuce with flavours from Brimse, crispy rye and grassy liqueur at Fisketorget. At Restaurant Tango you can sample oysters, horseradish & cucumber, while the newcomer Sumo Restaurant offers Crispy Kojo! A warm and crazy little boy. A hefty vegetarian mix of avocado, cucumber, paprika, shiitake, cream cheese & crispy wonton. Served hot, topped with Sumomajo.

Gladmat Happy Food

For a more complete list, visit Gladmat’s web page, or wait to see if Norway Today finds time to translate between courses!

(source: Gladmat)

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