Israel reacts to Norwegian art video at Nationaltheatret

National TheatreOslo.National Theatre. Photo: Norway Today Media

Israel rages against a Norwegian work of art at Nationaltheatret and describes it as anti-Israel propaganda of the worst kind.

– It should be in Nationaltheatret’s own interest to make it absolutely clear that the video is not representative of the theater’s own position, which is  the impression you  could get if you watch the video,  Israel’s ambassador to Norway, Raphael Schutz, said to Klassekampen.

The video Schutz reacts to is an art video in which it appears as if Nationaltheatret apologises for having collaborated with the Israeli National Theatre Habima from 2013 to 2015.

But video is not created by Nationaltheatret, but of the artists Pia Maria Roll and Marius von der Fehr and was shown at Nationaltheatret as part of the Ibsen Festival.

It is also being published on YouTube and  before last weekend it was also published on Morgenbladet sites. In a press release from Nationaltheatret, they emphasized that the video is a part of the Ibsen Festival in 2016.

“The post and video are not made by Nationaltheatret – and do not represent the attitude of Nationaltheatret  – but is an expression of artistic freedom,”  the press release stated.

Roll is disappointed in the Norwegian Embassy in Israel,  which have stated to Israeli media  that the artwork is not in line with official Norwegian policy.

– Instead  Norwegian authorities ought to give Israel a clear message that it can not censor Norwegian cultural workers.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today