The mask worked for JOWST

JOWST, Semi FinalJOWST, Kiev, Photo: Andres Putting, EBU

The mask worked for JOWST this time around

The much talked about LED mask of JOWST finally worked during the last rehearsal. Next it’s the real deal for Norway in the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).



– Now it’s amazing. That was exactly what I needed. I could not have been happier, says vocalist Aleksander Walmann

Walman admits that he was worried if it would function this time around.

– But the first time I looked at Joakim and saw that it worked, everything was there. It was exactly what I needed, says the vocalist to NTB.

Semi finals Thursday night

At 16.15 Norwegian time Thursday, the Norwegian Eurovision hopes were on stage in Kiev in the third and final test.

The semifinal starts at 21 Norwegian time, and just over two hours later it will be clear whether Norway is among the ten countries that advance to Saturday’s final.

During both tests on Wednesday, the technique failed, and the LED mask was completely blank.

At the time, feelings were tense, according to Joakim With Steen, the man behind the mask and the brand – JOWST.

– I saw that the cables to the mask were very well marked with distinct colors, and taped properly.

Therefore we were satisfied that it had been dealt with. They have really made sure that it was going to be okay this time around, says Steen after the final dress rehearsal.

Misunderstood shaking of the head

– We did not test the mask properly before we went on stage, so we took a little gamble there.

If it had not worked now, and they needed to fix it for the broadcast itself, it would have been a lot of nerves, says the otherwise relaxed artist.

At first, Steen thought that the vocalist Aleksander Walmann shook his head, and therefore thought that mask did not work this time either

If Norway prevails, they will participate in the finals on Saturday


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