The courts will not take citizenship cases


The courts are not mean to be for all those who risk being deprived of citizenship to have their cases up to justice.

Chairman Bård Tønder, Courts Administration believes it will help to erase the important principles distinction between the administration and the courts.

Courts can be as appellate which ensure that management has done its job, but should not even make decisions about taking citizenship from people.

– It would weaken judicial independent body position. Before doing such a thing, one should think hard about what you do and whether it’s worth the risk, said Tønder.

Two things he draws as the reason why the courts should not act as implementation tool: There are often elements of discretion that underlie the decisions. Moreover dominated immigration administration by political considerations.

– In such case, the courts are responsible for immigration policy that the courts try to stay away. In short, said Tønder.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today