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Burger chain drops plastic toys in children’s meals

Burger King.Photo: Knut Fjeldstad / SCANPIX


Burger King to end distributing plastic toys in children’s meals to reduce plastic usage. They also encourage customers to return toys.

The burger chain has estimated that they will save 320 tonnes of disposable plastic every year in the UK with the new changes, Reuters writes.

Burger King said in a statement Thursday that they will also be installing containers at restaurants in the UK where customers can return toys, either by Burger King itself, competitors, magazines or other types.

The plastic toys returned will be used for new purposes.

According to CNN, the measure to drop plastic toys applies to the UK.

McDonald’s competitor announced on Wednesday that in some restaurants in the UK and Ireland customers will be able to switch plastic toys to fruit. The measure will be introduced next month.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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