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Big money needed for new lighting in Nidarosdom Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral NidarosdomTrondheim. Nidaros Cathedral


Nidarosdom Cathedral needs people to donate approximately twelve million kroner for new interior lighting. In total, the lighting will cost closer to NOK 22 million.


‘We need new and modern interior lighting in Nidaros Cathedral, which means that when you enter you can lift your eyes and see all the great sculpture,’ said Nidaros cathedral’s restoration worker, Steinar Bjerkestrand, to NRK news.

Bjerkestrand told NRK that the problem is that the 60 year old lighting is out of date.

‘When we are going to have special lighting during tours and such, we have big old light boxes to dribble around. It leads to wear and tear’.

Minister of Culture, Linda Hofstad Helleland, of Høyre (H) promised to contribute ten million kroner.

That leaves 12 million kroner to make up the difference.

‘We hope to start the installation of the lights next autumn, and that we can test them on July the19th, 2019, when Nidaros cathedral’s restoration is complete and we celebrate the 150 year anniversary,’ said Bjerkestrand.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today