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Scandinavia’s language prize goes to ‘Shame’

Shame got 3 gold GullrutenpriserBergen.Shame got 3 gold Gullrutenpriser.Photo : Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix


The TV series, ‘Shame’, received the Nordic speech and language prize for 2016 partly to engage a young Nordic audience, and also to further build positive attitudes towards neighboring languages ??in the Nordic countries.

‘Shame’ is a good example showing that the dubbing of Scandinavian films and TV series is not necessary, said the jury.

‘The original language is thus an important part of your viewing experience, an identity marker that is different, yet so familiar and similar to one’s own that it can easily be taken up in their own repertoire,’ said the rationale.

‘I also think that it is very deserved; all the time, ‘Shame’ has gotten Scandinavian teenagers to take an interest in Norwegian, and realize that we belong to the same language family.

‘Shame’ builds a language brother & sisterhood with the rest of Scandinavia. It’s incredibly fun’, said editorial director Håkon Moslet to NRK P3.

‘Shame’, which is a web-based drama series in three seasons, is produced by NRK P3. It is about the lives of a number of youngsters at Hartvig Nissen School in Oslo. Director and screenwriter, Julie Andem received the award on Monday afternoon at Abbediengen Hovedgård in Oslo.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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