A taste of autumn: Heavy rain expected in Eastern Norway towards the weekend

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Several places in Norway could get their first taste of autumn this weekend.

“From Friday, there will be periods of precipitation throughout the country,” on-duty meteorologist Martin Granerød at the Meteorological Institute told news bureau NTB.

Eastern Norway will have the most stormy weather in the next few days, and there is a risk of local flooding in densely populated areas, as well as stream and river course changes. In the worst case, landslides and floods could occur in places where the rain showers hit, the Meteorological Institute warns.

“It is quite clear that the fine weather we had in July has disappeared,” the meteorologist added.

Warning signs

In recent weeks, several countries in Western Europe have been affected by extreme weather and floods, and in Germany and Belgium, more than 200 people have lost their lives. The remnants of this weather have now come to Norway.

“But it has lost a lot of its energy on the journey north,” Granerød explained.

Nevertheless, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have issued a warning for extreme weather for several parts of the country.

In the counties of Agder, Vestfold, Telemark, Østfold, Buskerud, Oslo, and Akershus, torrential rain is expected on Thursday, with up to 15-20mm of rain per hour.

“If the rain showers hit urban areas, there may be trouble with surface water on roads and basements filled with water,” Granerød warned.

In addition, large amounts of rain are expected in Innlandet, and the NVE has issued warnings for landslides and rockslides. 

A large landslide and rockslide already occurred in Vang in Valdres on Wednesday. As a result, several people were evacuated, and parts of the E16 were closed.

Lower temperatures

Across the country, summer temperatures will also fall in the next few days. In Trondheim, the weather will change from 30 degrees on Thursday to 15-16 degrees during the rest of the week, the meteorologist stated.

“There will be a significant temperature drop of 10-15 degrees in Central Norway,” Granerød said.

He added that the change in weather can still be good since it reduces the risk of forest fires in the area.

The same applies to Nordland and Troms- and Finnmark. 

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