Seven Viking swords are on display at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Photo: Ava Rebecca Bosy / Museum of Cultural History

Seven Viking swords were installed in a new exhibition at Oslo Gardermoen Airport in early September.

All the swords are made of iron. They are around 1,200 years old and have been found in Viking graves all over Norway; in Flå, Gjøvik, Nome, Nord-Aurdal, Rendalen, and Åmot. 

From September, the seven swords cab be seen at Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

“This is the first time we’re doing something like this. It will be very exciting,” archaeologist Hanne Lovise Aanestad of the Historical Museum in Oslo told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The exhibition is a collaboration between Oslo Airport and the Historical Museum

“Every sword is marked by a number, and information on each sword is shown on the glass accompanying it. There is also a QR code to the museum’s homepage, where people can check out other exhibitions on the Viking Age that we have at the Historical Museum,” Aanestad added.

Unique opportunity

Around 4 million passengers are expected to pass by the exhibition within a year. The airport hopes that the exhibition will promote cultural experiences in Norway, according to The Viking Herald.

“A lot of tourists from the US and Asia travel through this airport. Norway is well known for the Viking Age and (Edvard) Munch. So, we now have both these things here,” director of the airport Stine Ramstad Westby stated, pointing out that an exhibition showcasing Munch’s work is also in place.

Some of the first passengers to see the Viking sword exhibition shared their impressions with NRK journalists.

“It looks nice. I would have loved to see some (swords) from Ringerike, where I live. We also have a lot of Viking finds there,” one passenger said. 

“You encounter them as soon as you get out of the plane. ‘This is Norway.’ This is what we have when it comes to history. Very nice,” another passenger pointed out.

So, next time you travel to, or from, Oslo, keep an eye out for the special Viking swords!

Source: The Viking Herald / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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