Single table restaurant now open in Vika

Single table restaurant now open in VikaETT BORD.Single table restaurant now open in Vika.Photo:


Ett Bord (“One Table”) is a restaurant with just that: a single dining table with seating for 24 guests who all eat the same dish. Pure social dining with friends – and strangers!

The new eatery is run by Swedish-Norwegian social entrepreneur Carl Johan Bahre and his partner Siv Svendsen, who has a theatre background. They want to create a social setting for the meals at Ett Bord.

“It will be like coming to our home for lunch and dinner,” said Carl Johan, who recalls how he used to sit and listen at his Norwegian grandmother’s long dining table.
“Everyone would sit around the table and talk and listen. It is as important as eating for the meal to be fulfilling,” he said.

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Source: / Norway Today

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