People of Oslo stuck in Queues


Drivers in Oslo are held up in traffic jams 145 hours a year, on top of normal travel time. Oslo is heading the statistics for Scandinavia, while Stavanger drops one place to sixth.

Queues in the capital has increased so much in one year that Oslo acquired the unattractive first place on the list of Scandinavia’s  most jam logged cities, pushing Stockholm down to second place.

When travelling by car Oslo you must on average expect a 30 percent increase in travel time to get from Point A to point B.  Helsinki, Uppsala and Turku make up the other top five with Stavanger as a runner up in sixth place.

In Trondheim the average travel time is now increased by 24 percent leap-frogging the city from 13th to 10th place, while Bergen goes the other way and is at 12th place, down from ninth in 2015.

The figures are taken from a report made by the navigation- and map company TomTom, which covers the largest cities in the world and the amount of time residents spend in traffic and traffic jams.

– We want everyone to think about how they can reduce the amount of time they spend in traffic every day – and to realize that we must work together to solve the challenges of traffic.

If just five percent of us changed our travel plans, we could improve journey times on the main highways by up to thirty percent. Together, we can rid ourselves of Traffic Chaos, says Norwegian Country Manager for TomTom, Tore Bjørn Engen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today