Spearhead showed the way to sensational Bronze Age find

bronze objectsTrondheim.Archaeologists have so far made the greatest findings of bronze objects from the early Bronze Age, about 1100-500 BC.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

A spearhead in bronze stuck up from the ground where the first metal detectors found.

It turned out that the searchers had come across a big find dating from the Bronze Age.

A total of 24 axes and several other objects were found. A find of this magnitude is called a depot find.

The burial site in Stjørdal might be ritual, as for example being sacrifices, or maybe the objects were supposed to be stored there temporarily, experts said Tuesday afternoon when they revealed the objects at a press briefing at the Science Museum in Trondheim.

– Several of the objects were collapsed, quite flat, but X-ray shows that there are small objects and bits inside the axes. This may indicate that they were reforged, archeologist Merete Moe Henriksen, stated.

The first discovery on the spot was made in January when the two brothers Joakim and Jørgen Korstad were using their to metal detectors, which is their favourite hobby. They found, among other things, nine axes that are probably around 3,000 years old.

 Back on site

Last weekend they were back on the site with archaeologists and several other private metal seekers. They found another 15 axes and other bronze objects that were dated by the professionals to the from the younger bronze age, ie about 1100-500 BC, according to Adressa.no.

– Finds from last weekend confirmed the suspicion we had after the first search that there was more to be found. Last time we did not cross the field, but called the county archaeologist as soon as we realized what we had found, says Joakim Korstad to Adresseavisen.

– It has not really sunk completely in yet. It is nice to see the interest in the findings from Museum, county and the National Preservation Authority, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today