‘Spectacular’ discovery of gold ring in Bergen

Gold ringBergen .Gold ring. Photo: NIKU / NTB scanpix

‘Spectacular’ discovery of gold ring in Bergen

In Kong Oscars gate in Bergen, archaeologists have made more discoveries over the past few weeks, peaking with the find of a medieval golden ring.

The findings were made by archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute of Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), and have revealed objects in gold, silver, agate and amber.

Discovery of the medieval gold ring is referred to as ‘spectacular’. It is intact, and has gemstone inset that is probably an amethyst.
‘The ring was probably once owned by one of the city’s more decorated men, perhaps a bishop.

Bishop’s stone

Amethyst was known as “bishop stone” in the Middle Ages
because it was often used by clergy’, said the excavation leader, Ingrid Rekkavik, who found the ring.

The ring is of 23 carat gold, and may have been lost to the original owner after a fire. It was found three metres below the asphalt, and the site has now been refilled.


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