Stavanger Cathedral closed due to cold

Stavanger Cathedral Church strikeStavanger Cathedral. Photo: Norway Today Media

For the first time, Stavanger cathedral has closed due to cold.The pulpit, art, and organ could be damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations.


In course of the cathedral’s almost 900 years of history, there have, of course, been cold periods, but it is only in recent times that the cold has become a challenge. Temperature fluctuations cause problems, reported NRK news.

When cold, dry air comes in and warms up, it becomes too dry, and fixtures and art could get cracks, explained Rune Langeland Rimestad, Construction Manager of Stavanger Church Council.

‘’The pulpit is a ‘klenodium’. One of the most valuable of its kind,said the church warden in Stavanger, Svein Inge Thorstvedt.

Both the daytime radiators on the ceiling, and the panel heaters along the walls have to be replaced. But the result is uncertain.

‘’We are required to ensure that things in the church are preserved. We must establish a heating system that addresses problems like this,” said Rimestad.

The medieval cathedral in Stavanger will be completely restored,both inside and out, for the city’s, and church’s, 900th anniversary celebration in 2025.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today