Survey: Love of reading on top among Norwegians

libraryOslo.Young man on the Deichmanske library. Sit and look on an ipad.. Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix

Nine out of ten Norwegians read at least one book in the last year – not including textbooks. The survey from Ipsos MMI shows that book reading in Norway thus remains stable among the countries of the world with the largest number of books read per person on average.

Reader survey carried out on behalf of the Booksellers Association and Publishers Association. The aspects mapped by the survey include Norwegians reading habits and book purchases, and alsolibrary use.
Women are still the most well-read, 97 percent of them read books, compared with 85 percent of men. Norwegians read 15 books a year on average , and 40 percent read more than ten books annually.
CEO Kris Einarsson in Publishers Association are naturally pleased with the figures.
– The figures show a stable and healthy market in a media world that is changing in a big way, he says.
Paper books face stiff  competition from EBooks and audiobooks  . 20 percent of the respondents listened to an audiobook last year, while 15 percent read at least one ebook, an increase from 12 percent in 2014.

Source:  NTB scanpix / Norway Today