Visions of Kerouac to be performed in Oslo

Jack Kerouac Kerouac, Photo: Grusomhetens Teater

Grusomhetens Teater presents the world premiere of ‘Visions of Kerouac’

Grusomhetens Teater (The Theatre of Cruelty) presents the world premiere of their play Visions of Kerouac in Oslo from May 25 to June 4.



According to a press release it is ‘a movement-theater concept-album, conceived & directed by Brendan McCall. Each performance features a different guest artist from music, dance, or theater’.

For the first time someone other than artistic director Lars Øyno is directing the ensemble.

Jack Kerouac and the play

Adapted from the writings of the King of the Beat Generation, American writer Jack Kerouac, this highly physical and musical performance highlights themes prevalent throughout his novels and poetry which continue to resonate today: anti-consumerism, the existential quest for the meaning of life, and the celebration of vernacular idioms through art.

Just like Kerouac sought to translate jazz music into spontaneous prose, Visions of Kerouac aims to merge various improvisational structures into the experience of the performance. The actors speak, sing, and play both musical instruments and other objects.

Additionally moving through both fixed and open improvisation.

Music Director Kristin Norderval has composed the original music and created the soundscape for the performance.


Visions of Kerouac is performed by veteran Grusomhetens Teater members Hanne Dieserud, Live Marianne Noven, Per Bogstad Gulliksen, and Filip Amundsen Stav, and introduces Dushinka Andresen

Where, when and how much

Grusomhetens Teater – Hausmania, Hausmannsgate 34, Oslo

Thursday to Sunday May 25-28

Tuesday to Sunday May 30 – June 4

Starting time is 19.00 except for Friday, 2 June at midnight and Saturday June 3rd at 1 p.m

Tickets are NOK 200 for most people, 150 for students and the elderly.

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