8000 took the Norwegian test

Norwegian test exam competence NorwayNorwegian language and the Norwegian test exam can open the door to integration, education and work, says Gina Lund. Photo: Competence Norway.

Nearly 8000 foreigners took the Norwegian test

Nearly 8000 immigrants can have a well-deserved break after completing the last Norwegian examinations of the year. The test is becoming increasingly important.


– Norwegian language skills open the door to integration, education and jobs, says Director in Competence Norway, Gina Lund.

The Norwegian test has gained an increasing role, and is, among other things, entry conditions for both residence permits and citizenship in Norway. Employers can use the test to assess whether a job seeker or employee has the required language skills. Additionally, the test results are important for documenting the Norwegian level at admission to higher education.

This year’s last Norwegian exam period is the third of this year and has stretched over 14 days in the approximately 230 municipal test centres across Norway. The current test period ended on Friday.

Safety and quality

The Norwegian language tests are conducted digitally.

– Safety of the exam has top priority. Therefore, we have carried out a significant upgrade of the test system this autumn, Gina Lund informs.

The European Test Organization ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) has awarded the Norwegian language test for adult immigrants with their quality stamp ”Q-mark”. Ensuring that the Norwegian language exam is of high quality is important to ensure that the test candidates demonstrate their language skills and receive equal and fair treatment.

To understand and be understood

Expertise Norway is responsible for developing and quality assuring the Norwegian exam. The test is developed on behalf of the Ministry of Education and consists of four independent sub-tests that measure how well grownup immigrants can read, listen to, write and speak in Norwegian.

Language skills are not just about what is grammatically correct, but also what is appropriate and effective language. It’s about understanding and being understood.


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