Desire for more science municipalities

Kjeller schoolStudents of the Kjeller school in Skedsmo has a lot of attempts in science lessons. Photo: Kjeller school

In the science municipality of Skedsmo scientists have moved into the staff room, and all first-graders learn math through computer games.

By March 1, several municipalities apply to become one of the new science municipalities.
– I hope many new municipalities will apply to become scions of science  this fall, These communities are important role models when it comes to emphasising mathematics, science and technology in schools and kindergartens, states the Minister of Knowledge, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.
Norway currently has 45 science municipalities, and by March 1, municipalities are invited to become science councils for the next two years.
– Knowledge of science and technology is necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow, whether for health, transport or climate, the Minister stressed.

– Unexpected results

In the science municipality of Skedsmo two doctorates with biologist degrees have been provided with office space. At The Kjeller School, the municipal science centre, the researchers also contribute alongside teachers to create engaging lessons in science.
– We have focused more on practical things and see that there is not much to it. That something unexpected happens is enough to arouse the interest of students who might not have the greatest motivation for science before, says Øyvind Rundtom, principal of the Kjeller School and head of the Kjeller knowledge centre.
Skedsmo has started up a science network including kindergartens and schools, to promote science. All first graders in the municipality have their own network, and are participating in a pilot project with the use of games for learning mathematics.


Source: Ministry of Knowledge  / Norway Today